Thursday, 28 April 2011

Welcome to the CollaborART Blog!!

Finally we are live on the collaborART blog!  Artists involved in CollaborART suggested that we set up this blog to share ideas, photos etc as we work toward the exhibition on the 17th and 18th September. 

Please write a comment, add a photo, share an idea.  We would love to hear about your artwork and how your collaborations are going!

Looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. Really great to see the blog up and running:)
    How do we upload pics of our progress?

  2. To put in photos go to the project pics page and click on 'new post' in the top right hand corner and then follow prompts... there is an 'add image' icon in the tab bar that comes up in the prompt box..
    Hope that makes sense!!! Try it!

  3. Fantastic that our blog page has been launched!!
    I told Ashlee, just today, that the Thursdays I spend with her working on CollaborART are a true highlight of my week!
    Also great to see Ken and Jacob at New Norfolk today as they start their CollaborART journey together.